tan chug's face
Remus the Chug

This is Remus the Chug. A chug is a mix between a chihuahua dog and a pug dog. He was born in 2008. Remus has a very smooth, fine light brown coat and a white underside.
His most distinguishing features are his pronounced eyes. One of which is brown and the other blue. His friends are Rex, a white Maltese dog; Savannah, a white Morkie dog; and Smokie, a young Beagle dog.
Remus is very playful and enjoys tug of war with his families toddler. He is very protective but is all bark and no bite. Car rides and running outdoors are his two favorite
activities. He absolutely feels he is part of the family and gets super excited when his owner comes home from work. He barks and jumps up and down to show his happiness.
Have a look at some awesome photos of Remus below.

chug riding in a car
Remus enjoying the ride
chug under blue blankets
Remus snuggled up and sleeping
chug resting on person's legs
Remus resting on both legs
chug standing on all fours looking at the camera
Remus at attention
chug with surprised look on his face
Remus surprised
chug sitting
Remus sitting


Savannah the Morkie

Rex the Maltese

Smokie the Beagle